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Total Medieval War: Archer 3D


The Siege is on! Battle is inevitable. Medieval Fortress must not surrender. Defence of the castle is crucial, fight the final battle!. The fate of the Queen and the kingdom is in your hands! Use your Archery skills to hunt and kill the invaders. Kill the enemy knights and cavalry. It’s a medieval battle, Hunting time. Bow Vs Sword, Arrow Vs Axe. Bow is your weapon, blade is your enemy. Queen must not be captured or killed, otherwise the Kingdom will fall. To defend and protect the fortress you can use Longbow and archer skills. Friendly knights and castle defenders will help you, but you will fail if you accidently kill them. Aim precisely. Choose your spot on the tower and shoot at the enemy’s hordes. Be prepared, enemy forces will be strong and well equipped: bow, axe, sword - these are the enemy’s weapons.Siege will be over after 40 days. You must survive! Defend the Queen, Defend the Kingdom! Be a Master-Archer hero! Hunter-Assassin with a bow. No Dungeons and no dragons, just pure medieval castle siege. Enemy knigts have found a secret passage and entered the castle breaking the barricades. This is your last stand. No dragons to help nor magic spells to cast. Just your hunter skills. The fortress is already on fire, The quest is to suvive and kill the enemy Dungeon Boss who has secret weapon - Sword of Chaos. The quest is not easy as the hordes of enemy knights storm the castle. This game bring lots of joy. If you get bored with deer hunting games, low quality sniper, ww2 or zombie games this is a game for you! This isn't game of thrones - no black magic to help.
Bow VS Sword: Fortress Defence gives you:awesome medieval castle/fortress surroundings 3d graphicsthe ultimate archery experienceover 40 levels many different medieval locationsachievements - get them all! leaderboards - you can compete with your friendswind factor! Arrows actually turn - Take wind into account while you aimfree to play! No money needed!
How to play:Tap to stretch the bowAim at a target (hit the head for more points!)Bow reloads automaticallyBow will start shaking when stretched for too long!Don’t get killed
This game is available for:
English (American)FrenchSpanishRussianPolishGermanGreek
languages (description)
Works Offline - no internet needed. You can switch off internet and get into offline mode (no WiFi).
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